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Dog Scratches in Laminate Floor: Repair or Replace?

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    LESLIE: Rudy in Mississippi is working on a flooring project. How can we help you today?

    RUDY: I’ve got a Great Dane and he’s kind of a hefty fellow. And he puts scratches in the floor when he’s playing. And we’re thinking about selling our home and my wife thinks that we’re not going to be able to sell our home because of the scratches. And I believe it’s just gone through the laminate; I don’t think it’s actually gone to the hardwood underneath. Is there any way to fix that or cover up that problem?

    TOM: So you have a laminate floor? You don’t have hardwood floor. The hardwood floor is underneath the laminate but the scratches are just in the laminate? Is that correct?

    RUDY: Yes, sir.

    TOM: Well, it’s not really possible to fix deep scratches in laminate. There are fillers for it.

    LESLIE: It looks like a waxy crayon.

    TOM: Yeah. I could only imagine, with a dog, how many scratches you have. It’s probably a lot. It’s not like you moved one piece of furniture and got a deep scratch. So, if you’re concerned about selling the home, I would think about replacing that laminate floor. Laminate floors today are pretty inexpensive and they float, so they’re easy to install. And they lock together; they snap together. If it really looks that bad, you probably would be wise to think about replacing it. You’re just going to have to keep your dog off it then until you sell the house.

    RUDY: Well, I appreciate your help.

    TOM: Rudy, thanks so much for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

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