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    Summary: Tips and advice on DIY replacement windows by home improvement expert Tom Kraeutler, host of The Money Pit.

    TOM: Hey, it’s Tom Kraeutler from the Money Pit, and one of the questions that we get asked about quite frequently on our nationally syndicated radio shows is replacement windows. In fact, we wrote an entire guide on everything you need to know about replacing windows and it’s on our website at

    Typically when you replace windows, you have very few choices in color, and that issue has been solved in a new line of products by Simonton Windows called Decorum by Simonton.

    I really like this line because there are seven different exterior color options. You can choose from chocolate, cream, brick, pine, tan, driftwood; seven different options. Then four on the inside. You’ve got contemporary oak, like this one, you’ve got maple, antique cherry, and even, pure white. Think about all of those combinations that you can make as choices if you’re going to replace your windows with this Decorum line.

    Also, this is a company that’s made windows that’s incredibly energy efficient. They are all energy star rated. They all have thermal pane glass, and the company also received, not one, but two awards from J.D. Power, ranked highest in builder and remodeler satisfaction, and also highest in customer satisfaction in 2010. That is a pretty amazing accomplishment.

    Good product, lots of choices, truly gives you fashion and energy efficiency at the same time. If you would like to check these out, you can go to Simonton’s website at

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