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Dealing With Drywall Screws Showing Through Paint

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    LESLIE: Ron in Alaska’s up next. And Ron, we see here that you’re friends with Norm Abram. So why are you asking us?

    RON: (laughing) I appreciate the information you guys give on the radio. I … you know, I listen to you primarily when I’m driving home from work.

    Yeah, my problem is my sheetrock screws are starting to show through the paint. You know … you know, they’re not working their way out or anything, but I can see the dark spots where they’re at. And my question was, you know, what causes it?

    TOM: Well, I bet you what’s happening is there may be moisture and you’re probably getting a reaction and perhaps a bit of rust that’s forming on those drywall screw heads and that’s kind of showing through. What I would recommend in a situation like that is that you sand off the spackle that’s covering it and then, I would use a primer – a bit of KILZ or something of nature – on top of that spot and spot prime them before you repaint your ceiling or your walls. And that should do it. There must be some reaction between the moisture in the air and the screw that it’s helping that oxidate sort of right through the paint surface itself.

    RON: Well, when I built the house, it was raining. And so I figure, well, maybe the studs retained some moisture and (INAUDIBLE) …

    LESLIE: And it’s wicking through.

    RON: Yeah.

    TOM: Or it could just be the humidity, Ron. It may not necessarily be a leak of that nature and certainly the water that got in the house when it was raining would have – you know, assuming your house is a few years old now – would have evaporated out. But I think that’s probably what you’re seeing and I think some primer in those areas where it’s really starting to show is going to solve that. OK?

    RON: OK. Sounds good to me.

    TOM: And if it works, you pass that tip on to Norm, OK?

    RON: (chuckling) OK, will do.

    TOM: Thanks so much for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT. 888-666-3974.

    You know, he owes us a visit on this show. We’ve talked to … we’ve talked to Tommy. We had Kevin O’Connor on. I think we need to get Norm on next.

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