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    Summary: Tom Kraeutler from The Money Pit demos the DAP 3.0 line. DAP 3.0 is both paintable and water resistant in 30 minutes, for a quick finish with less chance for error. DAP 3.0 provides better-than-silicone performance with its easily applied, clear formulation that results in a true crystal-clear finish.

    TOM: Hi. I’m Tom Kraeutler from The Money Pit, with info on a product that can deliver professional results for any sealing project. The new DAP 3.0 line provides better-than-silicone performance in an easy-to-apply clear formula that’s both paintable and water resistant in 30 minutes. What’s unique about this product is that unlike silicone sealants that become cloudy, DAP 3.0 is practically invisible, and lets the beauty of the surface shine right through. Plus it’s totally paintable, which means you won’t see paint bead up like you would if you use silicone.

    DAP 3.0 can also be used for sealing in kitchens and baths, and around windows, doors, trim, and siding, and on concrete and masonry surfaces. The kitchen, bath, and plumbing sealant features a 10-year mold-resistant technology with Microban to prevent growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria. And DAP 3.0 self-leveling concrete and masonry sealant eliminates the need for tooling, and comes in gray to match most concrete and masonry surfaces. DAP 3.0 sealants are backed by a lifetime shrink- and crack-proof guarantee. To learn more about DAP 3.0, visit DAP.com/3point0.

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