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    LESLIE: Taking a call now from Hawaii. Aloha, Peggy. What can we help you with?

    PEGGY: We’re ready to begin a renovation of our kitchen.

    TOM: OK.

    PEGGY: And I want – we have a – well, I have granite countertops but I want to do some kind of a design on the backsplash with tiles.


    PEGGY: And I wonder is there any books available that would help me, you know, figure out a layout of, you know, designs that I could go with?

    LESLIE: Are you looking for smaller tile that’s perhaps laid out to create an image; almost like a mosaic? Or something that’s just like a blend of different colors? You know, what is your goal here as far as the look?

    PEGGY: Well, I’ve seen – saw a picture in one magazine where when you’re standing at the stove it looks like you’re looking out the window at a great yard.

    LESLIE: Well, here’s an idea. There’s a company – it’s Susan Jablon Mosaics. And it’s S-u-s-a-n J-a-b-l-o-n Mosaics. Look her up online. And what she does is small, one-inch by one-inch or three-quarter-inch by three-quarter-inch, even half-inch square tiles. And you can put in an image and she will pixelate that image and assign tiles to each color and gradient to make that image up. Then what she does is she mounts all of those tiles onto a face plate and it all comes to you so that you know exactly where it goes. It’s on a 12×12 sheet. You put out your tile adhesive; you put the 12×12 on there. Once it sets you peel off that facing. And you can have any image that you want there. And her prices are not bad at all and there’s a ton of choices. And it’s totally unique and custom for you.

    PEGGY: Now would that be her website, too? Susan Jablon?

    LESLIE: Yeah, Peggy. That website is actually SusanJablonMosaics.com – all one word – and that goes right to her page.

    PEGGY: OK, OK.

    LESLIE: And it’s beautiful work. Prices are fantastic. It’s unique and it’s easy to install yourself.

    TOM: Peggy, thanks so much for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

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