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Covering Spots on Concrete with Epoxy Paint

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    LESLIE: We’re on our way to Michigan to talk to Rod about paint. What can we do for you?

    ROD: OK. I put a floor down using the QUIKRETE product, which is really great. However, you know, it’s not a cheap product and I put two coats on and followed all the instructions. And now I have some darker spots and what I’d like to do is go over it with some different paint that’s not the epoxy. And I really want to know if I can do that.

    TOM: Rod, this dark spot – is it dark because the paint didn’t cover it all the way? Why do you have an area of the floor that’s a different color than the rest?

    ROD: That I don’t know. It was brand new concrete. I followed the instructions implicitly; didn’t deviate a bit. But it’s kind of like where you double rolled it or something; it came out heavier. What I would like to do now is to put another coat over it but I don’t want to use the epoxy paint again. Do they have another product? And if so, can I do that over the epoxy paint.

    TOM: I’m not sure that there’s another product that’s designed to go over that. Did you also use the color flakes in that product?

    ROD: Yes, I did.

    TOM: Because you would lose all that by painting on top of it.

    ROD: I know. But I don’t want the different colors here now. I don’t mind losing that. But it is good paint and I …

    TOM: And I can’t recommend a specific product to go on top of it.

    LESLIE: Well especially because the top coat of it is made to have such a sheen and to be so durable, it probably wouldn’t even have anything adhere to it. How about an area rug and a plant? (laughter)

    ROD: (laughing) It’s for my ’59 Chevy is why I built this garage; a place to put it in. I have oyster and everything.

    TOM: Oh, boy. Well, your ’59 Chevy’s probably not going to mind the dark spot. But the only other thing I could recommend you cover it with is another epoxy paint. And if you don’t like the one that you started with, then perhaps, you know, you could use a different type of epoxy paint. There are a variety of air-dry epoxies out there made by almost every major manufacturer; as opposed to the chemical cure type. But my concern is that you’re going to have something that’s less durable than the chemical cure epoxy you have right now.

    ROD: So you think I should just live with that.

    TOM: I think you should live with it.

    ROD: I mean it isn’t that bad but it’s just – I wasn’t trying to strive for perfection, you know? (laughter)

    TOM: Rod, thanks so much for calling us at 1-888-MONEY-PIT.

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