Control Lighting and Energy Use with the Lutron Maestro Occupancy Sensing Switch | Video

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    Summary: Tom Kraeutler from The Money Pit demos Lutron’s Maestro Occupancy Sensing Switch. The Maestro Occupancy Sensing Switch turns lights on when you exit or enter a space, for hands-free ease in busy areas like the laundry room or garage. Learn more about the convenience and energy savings offered by Maestro.

    TOM: Hey, it’s Tom Kraeutler here from The Money Pit and I’m in New York City today talking about green trends in home improvement. You’ll save energy and finally stop asking who left the lights on when you install the Lutron Maestro Occupancy Sensing Switching. It easily replaces a traditional light switch and the innovative sensor technology automatically turns lights off after you leave a room. Plus, the Maestro Occupancy Sensing Switch also turn lights on when you enter a space.

    This is helpful for busy areas like the laundry room or the garage. The switch is designed for use with all types of light bulbs and also senses daylight so it turns the lights on only when they’re needed. The Maestro Occupancy Sensor also detects fine motion. This would happen if you turn the page of a book, you’re typing on a laptop. You’re not going to suddenly find yourself in the dark when you’re trying to read or work on a project and you can also set an adjustable time delay for anywhere from 1 minute to 30. The lights stay on only as long as they’re necessary.

    Best of all, the Lutron Maestro Occupancy Sensing Switch installs in as little as 15 minutes. You could look for it at home centers and lighting showrooms or purchase it through your local electrician. Learn more at

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