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Cleaning Your Roof

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    LESLIE: Alright, now we’ve got a neighbor of mine calling from Glen Cove, New York. Elizabeth, welcome to The Money Pit. I live in Garden City, so that’s why you’re my neighbor.

    ELIZABETH: Oh, isn’t that wonderful?
    LESLIE: (chuckles) What can we do for you today?
    ELIZABETH: I heard the program about roof stains.
    TOM and LESLIE: OK.
    ELIZABETH: I have it all down: gentle power wash; water, bleach; OxiClean could be used. And I don’t understand the copper or nickel ridge band.
    TOM: Ridge vent.
    LESLIE: Well, when you are dealing with the stains that are associated with your roof – moss, mildew, et cetera – the nickel and the copper, it’s a natural material that when it gets rained on it sort of releases some of those minerals within itself. And as that runs down your roof, it’s a natural cleanser for that mildew that might grow.
    ELIZABETH: (overlapping voices) For the stain.
    LESLIE: Correct.
    ELIZABETH: Alright.
    LESLIE: Now, if you don’t – you don’t have to do a ridge vent, right Tom? You can just put a metal like strip or flashing, correct?
    TOM: Right, exactly.
    ELIZABETH: I don’t – oh, I’m not too good on this stuff. I have to hire someone to do it. Would I get a roofer?
    TOM: Yes. A roofer could do it or a handyman could do it very easily.

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