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    LESLIE: Marshall in North Carolina is looking to clean the exterior of his money pit. How can we help?

    MARSHALL: Yes, I have pressure-washed my house and it seems like every time I turn around I’ve got to redo it; it’s just getting – as the years go by it gets green quicker and quicker.
    TOM: OK.
    MARSHALL: And I’ve been told by someone that they had sprayed some Armor All with some – mixed in with water or something – I can’t imagine mixing water with it – but mixing it and spraying the house with Armor All to help it stay cleaner longer and look better.
    LESLIE: Hmm.
    TOM: Hmm. Interesting. Never heard that one. But when you are spraying it, are you using a mildicide?
    LESLIE: Like bleach or Jomax or anything like that?
    MARSHALL: I’m using a combination of Jomax and Clorox.
    TOM: Hmm, OK.
    LESLIE: (chuckles) Well, we hit the nail on the head with that one.
    TOM: Yeah. Now, the area where you have your house; is it very, very shady, Marshall?
    MARSHALL: No. Believe it or not it’s not.
    TOM: Not. Do you have a lot of mulch around the outside of the house?
    MARSHALL: Well, I’ve got pine straw around the outside. I don’t have actual hardwood mulch or anything or bark.
    TOM: Well, sometimes you get – you actually get a fungus in the mulch that contributes to this problem, which is the reason I asked the question.
    MARSHALL: Uh-huh.
    TOM: But I’ve never heard of using Armor-All for this; although I guess it makes your house really shiny.
    LESLIE: And slippery. (Tom chuckles)
    MARSHALL: Well, that’s what they were saying but – and I had never heard of it either …
    TOM: No.
    MARSHALL: … but I can’t remember now who told me about it but someone told me they had used it and I didn’t know if maybe you all had heard anybody say how they’d used it or …
    TOM: (overlapping voices) No.
    LESLIE: No.
    TOM: We can neither confirm nor deny that rumor, Marshall. (chuckles)
    MARSHALL: (chuckles) OK.
    TOM: Alright.
    MARSHALL: (overlapping voices) Alright. Well, it was worth a shot.
    TOM: Alright, well thanks so much for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

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