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Clean the Textured Floor of a Fiberglass Tub or Shower

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    LESLIE: Alright, now we’ve got Lynn who’s looking for some cleaning tips. How can we help?

    LYNN: Well, I’m just working on keeping my shower clean and I get it clean it seems to be just a little bit of a shadow or stain in the pebbled part on the bottom I can’t get out.

    LESLIE: OK, when you say pebbled part, is this sort of a tile base? Are you …?

    LYNN: No, it’s a fiberglass shower. It’s just kind of textured on the bottom.

    TOM: You know what happens on the bottom? You get – sometimes they have the anti-slip material that’s coated on top of the fiberglass and that tends to hold the dirt. Is that what you’re seeing?

    LYNN: Something like that, yeah.

    TOM: Hmm.

    LESLIE: Yeah, but do you think a bleach and water solution may be like a not a rough brush but, you know, a stiff bristle brush would get to it?

    LYNN: Yeah, I’ve tried the bleach and the water and the brush and it’s …

    TOM: Have you tried something with substance to it like Bon Ami? You tried something like that?

    LYNN: (overlapping voices) Never heard of it.

    TOM: That’s what I use on my Corian tops and on my Corian sink because it has a little of a grit to it and that actually works pretty well. It tends to bleach it at the same time but it has a bit of a grit to it and it’s very helpful in getting those types of areas cleaned.

    LYNN: I thought we weren’t supposed to put too much grit on the fiberglass shower.

    TOM: Aw, a little bit like that’s not going to hurt it.

    LYNN: What’s it called?

    TOM: Bon Ami. B-o-n A-m-I, I think?

    LESLIE: Mm-hmm. Definitely.

    LYNN: OK. I remember seeing that but I’ve never tried it.

    TOM: Give it a shot.

    LYNN: OK.

    TOM: Lynn, thanks so much for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT. 888-666-3974.

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