Clean Mold Off Vinyl Windows

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    LESLIE: Now we’re going to go to Oregon with Alan who has a moldy situation.

    Alan, what’s happening?

    ALAN: Well, couple of weeks ago, when it first started warming up, I went around and started opening all the windows and on the window frame there was mold.

    LESLIE: There’s mold on the vinyl itself?

    ALAN: Yes.

    TOM: No. Chances are it’s not a toxic mold. Typically, the kind of mold that you’re talking about is something called Cladosporium, which is kind of the same kind of mold like you get in your bathroom.

    LESLIE: Wow, a technical term from Tom.

    TOM: I would just clean it with a bleach solution.

    ALAN: OK. What percent?

    LESLIE: Ten or twenty.

    TOM: Ten to twenty, ten to twenty. Yeah. If you can mix it up in a spray bottle, just spray it on there, let it sit for a minute and then wash it down, that ought to keep it under control and it’ll brighten everything back up again, too; especially those vinyl windows.

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