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Clean Burnt Popcorn Smell from Microwave

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    LESLIE: Rose in Indiana has a question about odors in the house. What can we help you with, Rose?

    ROSE: Well, you know, I got a new microwave for Christmas last year and it’s got a popcorn button. You know, it says one to make popcorn.

    TOM: OK.

    ROSE: And the popcorn maker says three minutes. So I put it in three minutes and I said, “I better check it.” I went in the kitchen. My kitchen was full of smoke (Tom chuckles) and the popcorn was black like charcoal.

    TOM: Oh, boy.

    ROSE: And I can’t get the smell out. I used vinegar.

    TOM: And you’ve been using this microwave for a year now?

    ROSE: Yes.

    TOM: I think you’re out of luck. That smell has gotten into some part of it and, you know, there could be a filter, perhaps, inside of it but I doubt it. I think if you’ve been using it that long you’re stuck with it.

    ROSE: Well, excuse me. The popcorn incident just happened a month ago.

    TOM: Oh, it’s a month ago!

    ROSE: You know, and I haven’t used it more than a couple times since then.

    LESLIE: Alright, Rose. I’ve heard that this trick works sometimes but you do need to be cautious with the popcorn because they can, if you over-pop it, cause fires and, you know, leave a horrific scent around the house. What you want to do is get a large, four-cup microwave-save bowl and put in it one cup of water. Then you’re going to add a quarter-cup of white vinegar or you can go with a third cup of lemon juice and allow this mixture to boil in your microwave for a full five minutes. Don’t open the door. Don’t move that bowl for 15 minutes so that water cools. Once it cools down, remove that bowl; wipe out the microwave; leave the door open; let it air out; open a window; anything you can do to help dissipate the smell. And that should do the trick. If not, just be cautious and get an air popper.

    ROSE: OK.

    Well gee, I listen to your program every time and I think it’s really, really got some good pointers.

    TOM: Well, thank you very much, Rose. Have a great day. Thanks so much for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

    ROSE: Thank you.

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