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Choosing the Right Gutter Guards

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    LESLIE: Paul in Delaware is dealing with a gutter situation. Tell us about the problem.

    PAUL: I installed gutter guards on my roof and I never should have done it or else I put them up wrong, because I have trees close to my house and the pine needles – they collect on top of the gutter guards.

    TOM: Mmm. What kind of a gutter guard did you put down?

    LESLIE: Is it the meshy kind? Is it louvered? What does it look like?

    PAUL: No, it’s a piece of white plastic with holes in it.

    TOM: Oh, yeah. That’s not going to work. (Tom and Leslie chuckle)

    PAUL: Well, yeah, I know. (chuckles)

    TOM: But you didn’t need me to tell you that.

    PAUL: No.

    TOM: Well, listen, there are a whole bunch of different types of gutter cover products out there. Some work better than others; some work better on steep roofs. Others work better on low-pitch roofs.

    There’s a system called the Waterfall Gutter Guard System that looks kind of louvers, that I’ve used on my dad’s roof and I also use it on my own roof; I kind of like that one. It’s made by Crane Plastics. Or you could use one of the commercially available systems that is professionally installed, that works on the principal of surface tension, holding the water against the top of it. There’s Gutter Helmet and there’s – I don’t know – a number of others that kind of work in the same way: the water hugs the top, rolls over the top of this gutter guard and then falls into the gutter and all the other stuff washes off the top.

    But those really inexpensive, plastic ones with the holes in it or the kinds that are screens, they’re definitely not going to stop the pine needles.

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