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    LESLIE: With rolling power outages on the plate for much of the United States this summer, we’ve got Tom in Louisiana who wants to beat the blackout. What can we do for you?

    TOM IN LOUISIANA: I need to get some recommendations on a whole-house generator.
    TOM: We can do that. How big is your house, Tom?
    TOM IN LOUISIANA: About 2,400 square feet.
    TOM: I have one here. I have a Guardian generator by Generac and I like it because it runs, in my case, on natural gas. Now do you have natural gas there?
    TOM IN LOUISIANA: Right on the other side of the wall.
    TOM: Perfect. A natural gas generator is totally the way to go because, this way, you don’t have to look for gasoline when the power goes out; which, of course, many people don’t recognize the fact that when the power goes out the filling stations can’t pump gas because they’ve got no power to …
    LESLIE: So you have to have the gas on standby.
    TOM: Right. And they actually just came up with this automatic transfer switch now that does it all for you. Basically, when you put in the standby generator, you can put in this new automatic transfer switch and within, you know, 15 to 30 seconds it automatically moves those critical circuits from the utility company side of the electrical panel over to the generator side and does it all for you. And the good news is that prices have come down on these things now. So I think that that would be the hot ticket; a Guardian generator by Generac.
    TOM IN LOUISIANA: Well, I’ll slide down and get that rascal. (Leslie chuckles)
    TOM: Alright. Thanks so much for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

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