Chamberlain Battery Backup Garage Opener Works in Blackouts

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    Summary: Tom Kraeutler from The Money Pit demos extremely quiet garage door openers from Chamberlain, featuring Battery Backup and MyQ Technology. The built-in Battery Backup system continues to open and close your garage door during power outages, providing 20 additional ups and downs in the first 24 hours for peace of mind and reliable access to your home’s main entryway.

    TOM: Hey it’s Tom Kraeutier from the Money Pit. In the last several years power outages have become far more common and if you’ve got an automatic garage door opener then you might find yourself with no way to access your garage until power is restored. A good solution is this smart, extremely quiet Chamberlain Battery Backup Garage Door Opener. Let me show you how it works.

    Now literally when you have power your garage door goes up, goes down. It continues to operate, but if you have a power failure like this usually you’re stuck except with this unit. It continues to operate. The built in battery backup system keeps your garage door operating during power outages and it provides 20 additional ups and downs in the first 24 hours.

    The Chamberlain Battery Backup Garage Door Opener has MyQ technology as well which allows the garage door opener to send and receive commands from other devices like indoor and outdoor lights and soon you’ll even be able to operate it with your smart phone.

    To learn more or to purchase the Chamberlain Battery Backup Garage Door Opener visit or check it out in the online stores of major home improvement retailers.

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