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    LESLIE: Doug in North Carolina has a tiling question. How can we help you with the project?

    DOUG: I want to apply some ceramic tile directly to the drywall that’s been painted; underneath my kitchen backsplash wall.

    LESLIE: Gotcha.

    DOUG: I want to know if I can just do that without much prep.

    LESLIE: Well, I don’t see why not. What is the condition of the drywall? Is it in good shape from being in contact with the water or it seems alright?

    DOUG: Yes, it’s in great shape. It’s only like four years old.

    LESLIE: Yeah, I don’t see why not. You know, depending on how comfortable you are with a tiling project, you know, you can go with traditional thinset mastic to use that as your adhesive. Or Tom and I have actually worked with a new product that really makes installing tile ridiculously easy; it’s called Bondera TileMatSet.

    TOM: Yeah, especially on a backsplash.

    LESLIE: Seriously. On a vertical surface where you might be dealing with tiles sliding down and patterns and making sure things are level, this stuff – I mean the Bondera works amazing because it’s essentially like the stickiest, sticky paper you’ve ever seen in your life. It’s thick and it’s gray and it’s sticky and it’s got lines on it so you can’t mess up the tile being in the proper direction. And you peel off one side and stick it to the backsplash; then you peel off the other side and stick your tile to it.

    Now, we used it for a counter; we used it for a backsplash; we used it for a counter edge. And on the vertical surfaces, I would say when choosing your tile, make sure that the backside of the tile has sufficient four flat sides that would go in contact with it because it sticks super-duper well and once you adhere the tile to the Bondera, you can grout immediately and then all you’re waiting for is the grout to dry.

    TOM: Yep, exactly.

    DOUG: That sounds great. That sounds like a nice shortcut.

    LESLIE: It really is.

    DOUG: Is that available in local home centers or …?

    TOM: It’s available at Lowe’s and also available online.

    DOUG: (overlapping voices) OK. Very good. Well, listen; I appreciate that very much.

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