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Can I Convert My Garage Into a Bed and Breakfast?

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    LESLIE: Now we’re heading out to Washington State where Dan is looking to turn his garage into a bed-and-breakfast.

    Dan, what is going on?

    DAN: Well, I just figured there’s so many websites where you can do – like Airbnb. And I figured, well, why not? Just put in a couple of bucks and then put in there a kitchen. And there’s already a bathroom in between the house and the garage. Just kind of make a new door. So we got it all figured out. I just want to know: am I going to run into any city problems or ordinances (inaudible at 0:20:36)?

    TOM: Very, very likely, yes. If your city has the most basic building codes and ordinances, I would say definitely yes. You do not want to tackle this project without checking in with the appropriate authorities, because there’s a lot of ways that you would get yourself in trouble here. And I’d hate to see the building inspector come in after you dumped a bunch of money in this and tell you you’ve got to rip it all out.

    So, I admire your energy here and want to tackle this project but you can’t just build a bed-and-breakfast or convert your house into it without making sure it’s consistent with the local zoning laws, Dan.

    DAN: Got you. Got you. OK.

    TOM: Good luck with that project. Thanks so much for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

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