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Can I Connect a Sump Pump to a Sewer Line?

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    LESLIE: Louis, you’ve got The Money Pit. How can we help you today?

    LOUIS: I have a question regarding a sump pump – drainage water. The previous owner has it routed to the sewer line going to the bathroom in the basement. That’s where the sump pump is, also. And I was wondering, should I reroute that to the outside of the house or should it – is it OK where it is?

    TOM: Well, you’re technically not supposed to connect a sump pump to a sewer line. You’re correct in that it’s supposed to go outside the house. Part of the issue is that if you don’t have a check valve, for sure, if you have any backup in the sewer, it can come right straight back up into the sump pump and that’s not going to be a pleasant situation.

    So, it would be preferable that you drain a sump pump outside, and at least 4 to 6 feet away from your foundation of your home so it doesn’t drop water back against the foundation wall.

    LOUIS: OK, then. Well, I did put a check valve in the – I put a heavy-duty sump pump in it and it requires you to put a check valve in it, which I did. But they put a flex hose from there to the sewer line into the wall and I’m not comfortable with that. And I didn’t think it should go there but thanks for (inaudible at 0:28:32). I’ll take care of that.

    TOM: Yeah. And you are correct. So make sure you repair the sewer line when you pull that hose out, OK?

    LOUIS: I will do that. Thank you very much.

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