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    LESLIE: Shirley in Virginia, you’ve got The Money Pit. What can we do for you today?

    SHIRLEY: Yes, I’m calling – we have an older home. It’s a brick home. And the kitchen cabinets have an odor to them. It smells like old wood. We had had them newly painted. They were professionally done and it still smells and it seems like it makes the [food taste] (ph). Is there any – we’ve tried Clorox and everything and we can’t seem to get this odor out of it.
    TOM: Have you tried baking soda?
    LESLIE: Yeah.
    SHIRLEY: Yes, I have and that helped some but it still didn’t take all the odor out.
    LESLIE: Now, when you painted the cabinets, were they primed with an oil-based primer?
    SHIRLEY: Yes, they were professionally done. You know, they look great and we’ve talked about even taking them out but we hate to do that because we know it’s a lot more expensive.
    LESLIE: What about – and the interior is painted, correct?
    SHIRLEY: Yes it is.
    LESLIE: Shirley, there’s a great website. It’s called and there you can get different types of scented additives that can be added to your normal paint. And that scent is going to linger for about 12 months. So make sure you follow the directions on how to mix it in the paint because I guess in a closed-off space like a cabinet, that can be overpowering as well but it might sort of help to cancel out – you know, maybe there’s an option that’s more of a neutral sort of fresh scent that you could get. (Tom chuckles)
    SHIRLEY: Certainly do appreciate your help on that.
    TOM: You’re welcome, Shirley.
    LESLIE: Thanks so much for stopping by The Money Pit on air and online at

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