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Broken Sink Sprayer? Replace, Don’t Repair.

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    LESLIE: Matt in Illinois is on the line and he listens on WYLL. What’s going on with your sink?

    MATT: Well, I have a double sink in my kitchen and on the right hand side I have one of those sprayers on a hose …


    TOM: Right.

    MATT: … that you pull out and you can spray in the sink. The flipper portion on – you know, for the thumb, that you use to actually spray has broken off. And I also have a pinhole leak in the hose. And my question was do I try to cut below the pinhole leak and replace it that way or do I just replace the entire assembly under the sink?

    TOM: No, you replace the entire assembly.

    LESLIE: Yeah, replace that whole sprayer. It’s going to be easier and less expensive, I imagine.

    MATT: OK.

    TOM: Yeah, you can buy a new sprayer. Now, you can either buy a generic one – you go to a home center or a hardware store, they’re probably going to have one that’s silver or sort of like a brushed nickel kind of look that sort of looks OK with either brass or chrome faucets. Or you could order one from the manufacturer if you know exactly what model faucet you have. But you’re probably going to want to replace the whole thing. And it’s a very, actually, easy thing to do. You just – the hardest part is getting the stuff out of your sink and getting up under there. But it basically is going to unscrew from the bottom of the faucet inside the cabinet and then you just replace it.

    LESLIE: Do you need to turn the water off before you attempt this?

    TOM: That would be a good idea. (chuckling) Unless you’ll be taking a shower while you do it. (chuckling)

    MATT: Yeah, it did flood the first time I noticed it, so yeah, I think I would remember to do that. OK, great.

    TOM: Easy to do, Matt. Thanks so much for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT. 888-666-3974.

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