Bondera TileMatSet Makes Laying Tile Easy

  • Transcript

    Summary: Tiling as a DIY project just got a lot easier thanks to Bondera.

    TOM: Hey it’s Tom Kraeutler from radio’s The Money Pit and now is a great time to think about doing a tile project for your house. Why? Because it just got a whole lot easier. Now think about it. When you tile a wall, tile a horizontal surface typically you start here with tile mastic that’s very sticky, very messy. Plus, you have to wait, you know, 24 hours or more for the tile to dry before you can grout. Now there’s a better way. It’s called Bondera TileMatSet. It’s a pressure sensitive tile adhesive. It’s made by Grace and you simply peel off the backing and apply it to the wall, then you peel off the front just like this and you can take your tile and stick it right to the Bondera, and that’s it. Guess what? You can grout immediately by doing this.

    That saves a lot of time, a lot of aggravation and about 40% cheaper than the cost of hiring a pro to do it. Bondera TileMatSet. Check it out. This is really going to change the way tiling is done and it makes it a whole lot easier for lots of folks just like you to do.

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