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Blown-In Insulation Means No Tearing Down Walls

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    LESLIE: Robert in Illinois has an insulation question. How can we help you?

    ROBERT: I was wondering if you know if anyone’s got any products on the market that you can use to insulate walls without actually having to tear the walls apart like you used to years ago.

    LESLIE: Well yeah, that’s blown-in insulation.

    ROBERT: Oh, OK. So they do have. Because the only insulation I had ever worked with was the old pink stuff that you had to tear the wall out and roll – unroll it in there in between the studs.

    TOM: No, you can use blown-in insulation. The way it works is a small hole is drilled in the walls and the insulation is blown into that wall cavity and then the hole is patched and spackled and touched up. So when you’re all done, you have completely insulated walls.

    It’s a good idea to have a pro do that because they have to put it in around – with the right density so that when it settles you don’t end up with voids that are not insulated.


    LESLIE: Yeah and it could be really messy.

    ROBERT: Yeah, I can imagine. (Leslie chuckles) (inaudible) probably a lot less messy than ripping the walls apart like we used to do.

    LESLIE: Oh, yeah.

    TOM: Yeah, exactly.

    ROBERT: Well, that answers my question real well.

    TOM: Robert, thanks so much for calling us at 1-888-MONEY-PIT.

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