Black & Decker MS2000 Multi Sander Review

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    Summary: A real user reviews the Black & Decker Multi Sander. An avid DIYer, Sarah DeJong found the tool to be powerful even with its small size. Switching between different grits of sandpaper was extremely easy because it’s attached with Velcro. The sandpaper holds up very well also. For more great tool reviews, visit

    SARAH: It’s really a powerful tool, especially for how small it is. Switching the sandpaper is really easy.

    BARNABY: Hey, what’s up? Barnaby here. So you want to know more about the Black & Decker MS2000 detail sander? Well, we have the best dressed to date tool tester on set here, Sarah DeJong. So what’s up with the outfit here?

    SARAH: Well, I work full-time, just in between appointments stopped in to tell you guys a little bit about my experience with the sander.

    BARNABY: Yes? Well, you know, here at Tool Select what we like to do is when we’re going to review a tool, we get the tool and figure out who it’s intended for and this is for a do-it-yourselfer. Are you that?

    SARAH: I am a do-it-yourselfer. I’m inexperienced. I just bought my first house. Leading up to buying my house, I watched a ton of the do-it-yourself shows and I have a million ideas of things that I want to do with my house.

    BARNABY: Cool, so what did you work on with this?

    SARAH: With this, I sanded my closet doors in my bedroom. They were all like colored wood and I wanted to paint them white, so I sanded them down to get the varnish off of it so that I could paint them white and then from there, I sanded a dresser that I bought at a garage sale and painted that white. I’ve done a couple different projects with this.

    BARNABY: There’s a moment of truth, you plug the machine in and then it’s not TV anymore. Now you’re real time. How did it work for you?

    SARAH: This worked really well. It was a great tool. I had used one power sander on the same closet doors right before I got this and it was a little bulkier and I had to clip the sandpaper into the sander and so it was taking a little while, but I didn’t have any experience with it, so I thought that’s just how it went. Once I plugged this one in and started using it, it’s really a powerful tool, especially for how small it is and it really got right in there. I finished the job in no time after I started using this.

    BARNABY: Okay. Tell me about switching the sandpaper out.

    SARAH: Switching the sandpaper’s really easy. This is Velcro on here, so you just pull this off and then you have the precut sheets that are the same shape and slap that on there and you’re good to go.

    BARNABY: Seems like it did a lot of sanding. How did the sandpaper hold up for you?

    SARAH: The sandpaper held up really well. I really only used one other sheet and then this one and you can see that there’s still grit left on this sheet. With two closet doors and a dresser, it holds up really well. You don’t have to change it that often.

    BARNABY: Okay and it comes with an orbital and also a detail sander function. Did you use that at all?

    SARAH: Yes. I tried it out. There was a detail sander that goes on here that you would use around spindles in a railing or something like that. I put it on there. It’s really sturdy. I didn’t necessarily need it, but I checked it out and then I pulled this off and changed it to the orbital sander, just to see how easy it was to change and I didn’t need to use it, but it was really easy to switch it out.

    BARNABY: Okay. Did you dare twist the knob?

    SARAH: I did, yes. I tried the different settings just to see how it works. There’s faster settings that I found were really good for when you’re just in the middle of the door and want to crank it out and then it’s good to go a little bit slower around the edges.

    BARNABY: It looks like you’re a natural with this. You just hold it like it’s your friend, right?

    SARAH: Yes.

    BARNABY: What about the dust collection system?

    SARAH: It works. I emptied it out a couple different times. It definitely doesn’t collect all the dust by any means, but that’s not what I was expecting it to do, so I emptied it out just to see how much was in there, but there’s still plenty of dust on the door and on me.

    BARNABY: Yes, well, you know, you’re sanding things, right?

    SARAH: Yup, exactly.

    BARNABY: All right. Let’s talk about the recommendation. If somebody asked you if they should use this and they’re a do-it-yourselfer, what would you say?

    SARAH: I would say absolutely use it. It was the first time I had really done anything where I needed to use a power sander and it worked great and it was really easy to use and I didn’t ruin anything, so I would say definitely use it.

    BARNABY: All right. You know here at, we have a little saying, “It’s real stats, real people, real easy.” Sarah, a real do-it-yourselfer using the tool and coming away with high praise and if that’s what you’re looking for, a detail sander, you’ve come to the right place, Tool Select dot com, because we have a whole bunch of detail sanders for you to look at, but after hearing Sarah, maybe this one’s for you. It’s up to you to decide.

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