Black and Decker Ratcheting ReadyWrench: It’s 16 Wrenches in One!

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    Summary: Equip your favorite DIYer with a wrench for every need in one handy tool with the Ratcheting ReadyWrench from Black & Decker.

    TOM: Hi. I’m Tom Kreautler from radio’s The Money Pit with a tip on a truly unique new product from Black & Decker called the Racheting ReadyWrench. What’s cool about this is that this one wrench handle with 16 different sized fasteners within a single wrench. In fact, I would need this socket wrench plus all of these sockets to do what I can do with one ReadyWrench.

    It has Sure Fit Technology and what that enables it to do is to move right from standard size like this 7/16th fastener all the way right straight to an 11 millimeter metric size. You can go from metric to standard, standard to metric without ever changing the tools.

    The size is clearly imprinted on each end of the tool so you know exactly what you need and it’s got that racheting action and that makes it easy to use especially in tight places. Under $30 available at retailers nationwide. To find out more about this product you should go to Black & Deckers’ website,

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