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Best Paint for Concrete Basement Walls

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    GARY: I have a basement I want to do over. I have poured-concrete floors but poured-concrete walls. I want to seal the floor and the walls and I was kind of thinking – I don’t know if epoxy, like you would use in a garage – epoxy paint on the floor and something – is the same thing on the wall or is there something different for the wall?

    TOM: Well, let’s talk about this – these concrete walls. Now, do you have any moisture issues here or are you just kind of being preventative?

    GARY: No, no. I made sure that the outside was all tapered. There’s gutters on the outside.

    TOM: Yeah. Then you can use a standard masonry wall paint on that. And as far as the floor, the reason to use the epoxy flooring paint is because it’ll be super durable. I don’t think you need to do that on the walls. You basically want to slow down natural evaporation of soil moisture through the walls to the interior.

    GARY: That’s great help, guys. Thank you very much. I appreciate it.

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