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Best Option for Radiant Floor Heating?

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    LESLIE: Jim in Tennessee is on the line looking to heat a vacation home. Tell us where it is and when we can come over.

    JIM: OK. Oh, good. I would like to have you. You’re welcome any time. It will be in – across the Virginia line. I’m in Tennessee but just across the Virginia line. This cabin that I want to build, I won’t be there year-round and we have, of course, cold weather here. I’m thinking about the radiant heat in the floor and I’d like your recommendation as to what you all think would be best.

    TOM: OK. So you’re building it from scratch and it’s going to have a concrete floor? Or a wood floor?

    JIM: No. No, it will be a crawlspace underneath, high enough that you won’t have to bend over to get in underneath.

    TOM: OK. Sure.

    JIM: So it’s easy working.

    TOM: Well, I think a PEX floor would be awesome. Hydronic heat with PEX; cross-link polyethylene piping. That is really popular right now. It’s pretty easy to install. It would go up underneath the subfloor and heat up from there or there’s a type of PEX where it can be laid into a special, sort of carved-out version of the subfloor and then it’s installed from the top down. But either way, that’s a great system; very warm, very comfortable and you just can’t get any better than radiant heat in the floor.

    JIM: Yes, yes. I have – the package that I received from these people – radiant heat company – is 2004, so I wonder if there’s been any changes that long back.

    TOM: OK. Hey, Jim, are you on a speaker phone?

    JIM: No, I’m not. No.

    TOM: OK. You’re really echo-y.

    JIM: Yeah, that’s what I thought. The other lady said that she didn’t pick it up. I’m in a restaurant, Tom, and I’ve had to walk into the bathroom to get away from all the noise. So …

    TOM: Well, we appreciate your commitment to your project. That explains it now, Jim.

    JIM: Yeah.

    TOM: Alright. So, the contractor you’re dealing with is …

    LESLIE: Has 2004 specification.

    TOM: Yeah.

    JIM: Right.

    TOM: That might be a little bit old, because things have changed.

    JIM: That’s what I thought. I thought I might call these people to get a new, up-to-date …

    TOM: Yeah. Yeah, the technology has changed quite a bit and what you want to do is you want to install PEX piping. That’s brand new; it’s been out a few years now and it works really, really well. And I think you’re going to be very happy, Jim.

    JIM: Good, good. Thank you so much . I enjoy you all’s program; I listen every Sunday.

    TOM: Alright. Thanks so much, Jim.

    LESLIE: Thanks, Jim.

    TOM: Thanks so much for calling us at 1-888-MONEY-PIT. And we’ll let you get on back to dinner now.

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