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Benefits of a Metal Roof

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    LESLIE: Roofing is on Russell’s mind in Illinois. How can we sort things out for you?

    RUSSELL: I’ve got a friend that was building a house in Florida several years ago and was going to go with a metal roof instead of shingles. And their insurance like was 300 percent higher. Do you know why the insurance would be up so much higher for a metal roof instead of shingles?

    TOM: I have absolutely no idea because that’s counter-intuitive. A metal roof is going to be far, far, far more durable than a shingle roof which can be easily stripped right off. I mean those shingles will fly off roofs in Florida just like dominos that get knocked over that are in a line. A metal roof is going to be a much more durable option. And so I can’t imagine why the insurance would have been higher for that. I mean of course it’s a more expensive roof to replace and maybe the place appraised a little bit higher but, really, I can’t think of why you would want to pay more insurance because their risk is lower, frankly.

    RUSSELL: Yeah, I thought so. It was going from like $700 a year to $2,100 almost a year.

    LESLIE: Whoo.

    TOM: Yeah, that doesn’t make any sense. You know, metal roofs are really high-tech right now, too. The finishes are gorgeous …

    LESLIE: And they are good looking.

    TOM: And in fact, the finishes are designed to even reflect the sun’s energy, which is perfect for an area like Florida. There are pretty high-tech finishes today. So …

    LESLIE: And because they’re so lightweight, depending on what the original existing roof tile shingle is, you might be able to go right on top of it.

    RUSSELL: How about up around Ohio? Would that be a good area for that type of roof, too?

    TOM: They’re good no matter where you are in the country …


    TOM: … and it’s an investment roof. I mean it’s going to last an entire lifetime. So I think …

    LESLIE: And it’s going to last 50 years or more, not – you know, not nearly as short of a life span as, say, a dimensional asphalt shingle.

    RUSSELL: OK. Well, I sure do appreciate it.

    TOM: Alright, Russell. Thanks so much for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT. 888-666-3974. 

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