Attic Insulation: Types and Installation

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    Summary: Learn about home insulation. Find out about different types of attic insulation and how to install insulation safely.

    TOM: How are you feeling today? Well, if you’ve been paying high energy bills you’re probably suffering from leaky wallet disease. The cure is more insulation in your attic. Here’s what you need to know. Insulation comes in different types. The most basic is unfaced fiberglass — perfect if you just want to add some insulation to what you already have. Then there’s faced insulation. The facing is either paper or poly. It does a great job of keeping moisture from getting into the insulation, which can lower its effectiveness. Now, if the thought of working with any kind of insulation makes you crazy, how about this? It’s called encapsulated insulation. The whole bat is wrapped inside of a polyethylene bag so you don’t even get it close to your skin. It’s very easy and comfortable to handle.

    No matter what kind of insulation you choose the tools you use to keep yourself safe are very important. Remember long sleeves, gloves, safety glasses and a dust mask will keep you safe throughout the whole project, which is not that hard to do.

    Now how much insulation do you need? In our area of the country you need about 12 inches, which gives you an R38. Now, this house if it was yours we’d measure it, we’d see it only has about eight inches. You can use about 4 more. Adding is very easy. Simply take some fiberglass bats, lay it perpendicular to the existing insulation. Don’t compress it. Keep it nice and fluffy and the next time your energy bill comes you’ll be feeling warm, comfortable and a little richer.

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