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    LESLIE: Now we’re going to talk air conditioning with Gordon in North Dakota and apparently his wife is joining us on the line as well.

    Welcome, Gordon and wife.
    GORDON: OK, we have a wall unit that was installed quite a few years ago by Amana and my question is I would like to replace the unit in there but I understand Amana is no longer and they tell me, at the appliance store, that not every unit will fit in the holding box that’s in the wall now. Maybe you could help me to find an air conditioning unit that would fit in this wall unit box now without removing it.

    TOM: Gordon, I’m actually not aware that Amana is out of business and in fact they still have a website that would indicate to the contrary and, in fact, I do see that through-the-wall air conditioners from Amana are still available. Now, we don’t know if the one that they have available – seems only to be one 26-inch model – is going to be the same size as what you have right now, but perhaps it would be. Maybe you’ll get lucky.


    If not, what I would do is I would look for one that’s as close as possible to the existing sleeve size without being bigger because it’s easier to put a smaller unit into that opening. You may need to get a new sleeve but you could trim it out and flash it so it doesn’t leak.

    The website for Amana is Amana-PTAC.com and they could probably direct you further.

    GORDON: Hey, I appreciate the information and thank you very much.

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