Acknowledgments: My Home, My Money Pit

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It takes many hands to build a house. And it took many hands to help us write this book.

We’re blessed with the opportunity to work with such an amazing team who help us create a fun, inspiring and entertaining radio program every week. Without Team Money Pit, we’d have neither a show, nor a book.

Our deepest gratitude goes out to: Nora DePalma and Aimee Oscamou, who served as our researchers, coaches and taskmasters throughout out the entire project. Good thing our last joint venture crashed in the dot com bomb or we’d be doing something else right now. We’d be tan. We’d be rich. But we’d definitely be doing something else. Sheetal Werneke, our brilliant Executive Producer, who shares a birthday with Tom and was the first producer to ever put him on television. Now look what you did. Skip Joeckel, the world’s best affiliate manager. We have no idea how you find us all those new stations while hanging out on the couch watching Oprah. Don’t ever change.

Lisa Vitale, our efficient office manager who somehow keeps the office rolling every day, as well as kids, a dog, goldfish…and Tom. He’s the hard part. Ivo Kurvits and Pamela Del Hierro, web god and graphic goddess. Your brilliance and creativity are truly amazing, even if you do live in Canada. Ehh? Jim Kenzie, our head engineer and Amy Zarend our screener. Thanks for laughing with us, and at us, as we wrote this book between the callers that punctuate our radio lives. Holland Cooke, our top-notch talk radio consultant. Thanks for being our ears, even when we don’t listen to you.

Ian Heller and Jeff Schwartz of Media Management Group, LLC, our business managers, agents and trusted colleagues. Your guidance helped us shape this project with the hands of expert craftsmen. Glad the new air conditioner recommendation worked out, despite the hot air. Maura Teitelbaum, our talented literary agent of Abrams Artists Agency, your enthusiasm has been electrifying. Electricity, however, is not something we’d recommend you tackle, after learning that you tried to put up a shelf with Gorilla Glue.

And thanks to our families. Of all the things we have in common, it is the love and support of our families that provided both of us the foundations we’ve built upon.

To both our parents, thanks for the all cool power tools. Although you probably should have held off on the circular saw and wood burning set until we got out of elementary school. Our friends were impressed and the scars have just about healed.

Tom: For my loving wife Sue and children Thomas, Sara and Trevor. Without you there’d be no me. Thanks for the gift of time you give me every day to do what I do. And I promise I’ll fix the porch light soon. For my Mom and Dad, JoAnn and Ken, and Lisa, Mary Beth, Ken, Jason, Elizabeth and Christopher, your love, strength and support are an inspiration.

Leslie: For my amazingly supportive husband Edward, you give me the confidence to build my dreams, thank you. For my Mom and Dad, Pauline and Dominick, and Stephanie, Elyse, and Craig; I cannot thank you enough for making me feel so loved and blessed in so many ways.

And last but not least…thank you, for allowing us to come into your homes, your cars…and your ear buds every week to share our passion for great home improvement and fabulous design. It’s our privilege to hold the nail for you each week.

Good thing it’s only on the radio though, because we’ve seen you swing a hammer.

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