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    Summary: Doing a project right means doing it safely. But one in four homeowners have reported injuries to themselves or someone else in their household during improvement or maintenance projects. To ensure that every one of your efforts is successful and safe, gear up with 3Mâ„¢ TEKK Protectionâ„¢ products.

    TOM: Hey, it’s Tom Kraeutler here in New York City with the Money Pit’s spring product roundup. Now, doing a project right means doing it safely, and that means gearing up with the right safety products. Now, these are from 3M Tekk Protection, and the line pretty much covers all of your safety needs. In particular, I want to talk to you about protecting your eyes when you’re outside mowing the lawn or trimming weeds. Too many people think sunglasses will protect your eyes, they won’t. Instead, you’ll want to slip on a pair of these 3M Tekk Protection Holmes Workwear safety glasses. They not only protect your eyes, but they also have a cord control system, which combines the eye protection with a corded re-usable ear plug, which is really nice.

    The sleek wrap-around frame design also features anti-scratch impact-resistant lenses which absorb 99.9% of the UV rays and the corded hearing protection acts as a lanyard, which helps you keep the protection right around your neck. Now, the 3M Tekk Protection line also includes a range of other great products, including the digital Worktunes hearing protector, which lets you listen to digital AM/FM radio or even an Mp3 player, while the built-in decibel-limiter helps you work safely. You can look for 3M Tekk Protection eye wear, hearing protection and the respirators at your local home improvement or hardware store or learn more at 3mtekk.com.

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