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    Summary: Advice on DIY home improvement safety tips by home improvement professional Tom Kraeutler from The Money Pit.

    TOM: Hey, it’s Tom Kraeutler from the Money Pit and every week folks are calling our radio showing asking home improvement questions and our overriding concern with any project that you tackle is to make sure that you do it safely. The folks at 3M agree and have launched a safety advocacy campaign to help you do that because they want do it yourselfers to know that doing it right means doing it safely. They’ve got a new line of products that can help. They’re called 3M Tekk Protection and I like these for a number of reasons. I think that one of the reasons that people don’t use these products, typically, is because they’re not comfortable or they’re not functional. They’ve solved that and they’ve solved a lot of problems associated with safety products at the same time.

    Let’s start with this device here which is called Worktunes. What’s cool about Worktunes is this protects your hearing, but it also allows you to enjoy music at the same time. Built into the Worktunes, you can listen to AM/FM radio or you can even plug in your iPod and enjoy that music while you’re protecting your hearing. If you’re doing something loud, like cutting the grass, you can hear music and protect your ears at the same time. Now, another project that folks do a lot of around the house, maybe sanding, you want to protect the respiration, so you want to have a NIOSH-approved respirator like this one right here. What’s the main problem with products like this? Typically, when you exhale, you get a lot of heat that’s very uncomfortable. What did these guys do? They invented the cool-flow valve. There is a valve in this, so that when you exhale all that warm air gets pushed quickly out of the mask, so you’re not breathing it back in and making yourself very uncomfortable.

    My favorite product in the Tekk Protection line are these sunglasses. This is called ForceFlex. I like these because, look, they twist like crazy. You can’t really break these, but they’re stylish and, of course, they’re safety glass. You’re going to look good while you’re doing that project around the house, swinging the hammer, whatever you’re doing. When you’re done, you can head on off to the mall, head on out to the school, go to the post office, wherever you’re running around in your car and you can use the same safety sunglasses because they look good at the same time. If you want tips on these products and a lot more, there’s a great article about Tekk Protection on our website at moneypit.com.

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