3M Patch Plus Primer

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    Summary: Repairing a damaged wall can be a tedious project, with several layers to mend and uneven results. 3M Patch Plus Primer helps eliminate these common challenges with an innovative formula combining spackling and primer for a strong, even patch in just one step.

    TOM: Hey, it’s Tom Kraeutler here in New York City with the Money Pit’s spring product round-up. Now, if your next project is repairing or repainting a damaged wall, you can get that done three times faster with this new 3M Patch plus Primer. Now, this formula combines spackling and primer for a strong and even patch in just one step. The 3M Patch plus Primer goes on smoothly, and, once it’s dry, there’s no need to prime. You’re going to save some time before you actually paint because the primer is actually already in the patch.

    Now, unlike traditional spackling compounds, the 3M Patch plus Primer is not going to shrink. It’s not going to crack, or it won’t allow your patch to show through the paint. It’s got great hiding power, and a finish that anchors paint right to the wall, and it keeps a firm hold on nails and screws. The 3M Patch plus Primer is available at home improvement centers, and regional paint and hardware stores nationwide. If you want more information, visit 3mdiy.com.

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