Selling Your House in a Slow Market

Selling a house in a slow market can be challenging, but strategic thinking and proper planning can help you sell your home quickly, even when other homes are not selling.  Here are suggestions for a faster house sale.

  • Take a good, hard look at your house, and determine what updates and improvements could help your house sell in your local housing market.
  • Also be sure that what you plan to spend on improvements can easily be recouped at selling time: updated appliances and a fresh coat of paint, for example, are better uses of your money and time than an all-out kitchen remodel.
  • Selling Your House in a Slow MarketTo help the sale, highlight outdoor living spaces, integrating them with the structural elements of your property through well-maintained landscaping, decorative focal points, and thoughtfully arranged furnishings.
  • Applying the principles of universal design to accessibility and functionality of both indoor and outdoor spaces, and where appropriate, promote potential for upgrades can held sell a home in a slow market.  For example, the current design of your two-story house may accommodate future addition of that small elevator on a particular buyer’s wish list.
  • Where possible, go green. Buyers are more informed and interested than ever when it comes to earth-friendly building practices, products and systems, and are looking for houses that leave a reduced carbon footprint.
  • Style your house for sale by applying real estate staging principles to its presentation can be very helpful when you are selling a home in a slow market. If you’re not comfortable handling this job on your own, consult with your real estate agent, who can recommend a local staging professional.
  • Speaking of agents, take the time to vet and choose a qualified real estate professional with the track record, reputation and personality that can lead to the satisfying sale of your home.
  • Set a fair sale price for your house, and be prepared to bargain. Getting to this point may include checking out the stats and sales results for similar local properties, a professional home appraisal, and other research, but any and all will be worth it when your home’s price tag turns from a dollar amount to “Sold!”

Using these ideas, you’ll draw more interest to your house and be successful selling your house fast in an otherwise slow market.

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