Save Energy With Blown Or Batt Insulation

spray-foam insulation

When you hear about insulation, you may hear the term R values – this is just a fancy way to measure the thermal resistance of things, including insulation.  Different parts of the country require different R values, but you don’t have to memorize any numbers – just know that the Department of Energy recommends AT LEAST 15 and half inches of batt insulation.  The experts at Owens Corning say you’ll do even better with 22 inches.

The attic is one of the most important areas to insulate.  It’s a very EASY project you can do yourself.  If you use the batt type of fiberglass insulation, just make sure you use gloves and a mask.  Fiber glass insulation is non-combustible and non-corrosive by nature, which means that it won’t settle or lose its energy-saving abilities.  You can also use the blown-in insulation.  You can rent an Owens Corning machine that will do this called AttiCAT.  If you would like to use a contractor for your project, call 1-800-GET-PINK™ or visit www. to find a Certified Energy Professional®  Insulation Contractor near you.

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