Packing Tips: Doing It Yourself

When it comes to moving, do-it-yourself packing is a great way to save money on your relocation costs. Besides having plenty of friends and family on hand to help pack, load, and unload, consider these packing tips from professional movers:

Pack light.  Overloaded packed moving boxes tend to explode during transit. Avoid putting more than 40 pounds in a moving box.

Mark each box.  Note the contents of the packed box, and what room the box should be deposited in upon arrival of your new abode.

Stacking.  Pack the heaviest items on the bottom of the moving box, cushioned with newspaper. Place lighter items on top.

DIY Packing Tips For MovingBuilt-in boxes.  To pack linens and other soft goods, use container furniture, such as hampers, laundry baskets, benches and drawers.

Don’t pack important papers.  Make sure to keep important paperwork with you during the move, such as your child’s school and medical records, as well as your pets’ vet records.

Start early.  Reserve a moving van or truck about six weeks before your move date. When you pick up the moving van, spend a few minutes getting comfortable driving the vehicle.

Do-it-yourself packing is also a good way to make sure your most precious belongings won’t get damaged in the process by those who might not be as careful.

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