Knee Wall Insulation in Cape Cod Attic

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    LESLIE: Alright. We’ve got Brad on the line with knee wall insulation question. Brad, what can we do with you today at The Money Pit?

    BRAD: I have a knee wall between our – in our bedroom upstairs and I’m planning to box out the eaves. Now, the knee wall is currently insulated and I was wondering if I box all the eaves, do I need to remove the insulation from that wall? Obviously, I’m going to insulate above the box and the back of the box but do I need to remove the insulation from the wall?

    TOM: So this is the knee wall in the attic, between the floor and the exterior?

    BRAD: Yes. The knee wall – yeah, it splits the eaves from the bedroom.

    TOM: Right. So the back of that wall is technically an exterior wall so, yes, that should be insulated.

    BRAD: If I box it out with sheetrock and insulate on the outside of that sheetrock area, should I remove the insulation from the wall because that wall is no longer now an exterior wall? Or is it still an exterior wall?

    TOM: So when you say the – so you removed it from the wall. So this short wall is – on the other side of that, you would basically be an unfinished attic space, correct?

    BRAD: Yes. And if I finish it, yeah.

    TOM: Right. You can’t go wrong having knee wall insulation in that wall because, basically, once you get to the other side of that, you’d have the rafter bays, right? The roof rafters? And so the roof rafters don’t have insulation in them. But then you have the ceiling joists below that and they would have insulation in them. So that knee wall insulation adds to the exterior skin of the home. So, yes, you do need to insulate the back of that.

    BRAD: Great. OK. That’s all I needed to know.

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