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    LESLIE: John in Florida is looking for a product for weatherstripping fiberglass double doors. How can we help you today?

    JOHN: I have these double doors – storm proof doors. They’re made out of fiberglass and they have a steel piece that goes down the middle. And the insulation has receded from where it’s supposed to be and I’d like to know where I would find the stuff to replace it with.

    TOM: So these are metal storm doors, John?

    JOHN: No, they’re fiberglass. The metal rod that goes down the middle – there’s a metal piece that goes from top to bottom, in the middle, and that has insulation in it. And it seems to have receded at the bottom of the door and at the top of the door.

    TOM: Oh, I know what you’re talking about. Yeah, that’s the astragal, which is the piece in between. And that piece of insulation typically will pull back at the upper corner and the lower corner of the door. You should be able to find maybe not that exact type of insulation but one that’s similar, in a weatherstripping-supply center, so a hardware store or home center. You should be able to find either rubber or a heavy felt weatherstripping that could replace that original one that was part of the manufacture. Because sometimes it’s hard to get the exact part for weatherstripping fiberglass double doors.

    JOHN: Right. And the doors have no labels or anything that tells me who the manufacturer was.

    TOM: Yeah, I know. And that’s a part – that’s the piece of weatherstripping that typically does wear out first.

    So I would think about being creative. You’re not going to be able to find the exact part but you’ll find something very similar that you should be able to make work.

    JOHN: Alright then. I think I can handle this then.

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