Going Green: Tips for Green Living

It turns out Americans are not the gas-guzzling, wasteful, energy hogs they appear to be.  Going green with green living is becoming the norm around the country.

When it comes to doing their part for the environment, Americans may be greener than they think. A new study* finds more than 84 percent of those asked believe “it is a moral obligation” to care for the environment and 86 percent already take part in at least one green activity.

These green living activities include conserving energy at home, recycling, driving a fuel-efficient car, buying recycled products and picking up litter.

How Going Green is Becoming Common and Tips

An increase in media coverage of environmental topics and green living is most likely the reason that the study finds 40 percent of consumers saying they are more aware of environmental issues now than they were in 2006. And 81 percent say the current focus on environmental issues is “here to stay” rather than a “passing fad.” The study also found that Americans would be willing to even more if they understood how a specific action could help the environment as well as benefit them personally. In fact, 78 percent said they are going green and “willing to make a lifestyle change for the good of the environment.”

While many responded that “the best way to solve current environmental problems” is through individuals and businesses taking responsibility, most admit they can’t distinguish between the reality and the hype, and report it is hard to know what actions are truly good for the environment.

There are a lot of very specific things you can do easily and inexpensively to help the environment and begin going green with green living. One idea is to change your five most used light bulbs to energy efficient compact fluorescent bulbs. Visit the Energy Star website to learn more and view a video podcast of a room-by-room tour showing where you can save energy in your home.

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