Vacation Homes and Yurts: a Green Getaway

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Image by Sabine van Erp from Pixabay

Modular vacation homes offer great value, including construction savings and an accelerated timetable from initial planning to vacation home housewarming. No matter what home style you choose, many modular vacation home designs can be constructed using basic green building techniques that cover everything from the materials and manufacturing process to the energy efficiency of the vacation home.  One particularly cool trend in modular vacation home building is the yurt.

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You may have spotted these innovative shelters on remote properties or in the campground of a favorite state park during your family’s summer travels. Thanks to the yurt’s earth-friendly structural smarts, they’re becoming an increasingly popular option in residential communities of all kinds.

Yurts are a centuries-old response to the demands and unforgiving elements of nomadic life. The yurt brings living in the round around the world from its birthplace in Central Asia. It’s a self-supporting vacation home structure and a marvel of physics; with the forces of tension and compression in its components working together to create a strong and stable dwelling without the interior posts that could otherwise impact mobility and spatial potential. A yurt can be as temporary or as permanent a shelter as the owner desires, with raised foundations and perimeter porches among the many customizations available.

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With yurts’ reasonable pricing, light ecological footprint and contemporary comfort, you may find yourself seriously considering them as a vacation home possibility. Get acquainted with this time-honored technology at, and visit such dedicated designers as Colorado Yurts for kits and building resources.

Combine the will to go green with the latest modular building technologies, and you’ll get an array of possibilities for getaway vacation homes on the cheap that welcome you and your family with an affordable purchase price.

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