Avoid Major Energy Drains from Minor Electronics

We all depend on mobile devices like smart phones and laptops to save time and add convenience to our lives. But they can also drive up your electric bill if you aren’t mindful when charging them.

Avoid major energy drains from minor electronicsBelieve it or not, 40 percent of the electricity used to power mobile devices and other home electronics is consumed when those devices are switched off. So after you’ve charged up a device, don’t just unplug it from the charger—unplug the charger from the wall socket, too. As long as that charger is plugged in, a small but significant amount of electricity continues to flow, and it’s an energy drain that reduces the potential savings on your utility bill.

If you have a tendency to forget to unplug, try using a power strip. You can manually shut the whole strip off, ending several small energy drains with just one click. Some power strips also include a sensor circuit, which will monitor the level of current flowing through the socket and shut it off when it reaches below 30 watts.

Make a change in your electronics charging routine this season, and you’ll also see a change in your energy bill. All of these tips are presented by Lutron, makers of the Maestro Occupancy Sensing Switch.  Never ask “who left the lights on ?” again!

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