Vacuum Cleaner Repairs You Can Do at Home

Is your vacuum cleaner giving you trouble? It can be especially frustrating when your vacuum isn’t that old, or when you know it’s a sturdy, quality product that, in theory, shouldn’t be experiencing problems.  Before you lay down good money for a new one, consider these common complaints about upright and canister vacuum cleaners – identified and solved by the good folks at — that can sometimes be fixed right at home:

Poor Suction or No Suction. There could be a clog in the hose or the bag/tank may be full and need to be replaced/emptied. Also, check the belt to see if it is worn or broken.  If the belt is defective, replace it.

Noise and/or Vibration. Where’s the noise coming from? If it originates from the motor area, it may be a broken fan blade.  In that case, the broken blade should be replaced. If the noise is coming from the brush area, then it may be a defective brushroller bearing or brushroller.  If either is defective, it needs replacing.

Hard to Push. Check the belt to see if it is worn, broken, or has come off the motor spindle. If it is worn or broken, it needs to be replaced. Sometimes if the base plate of the vacuum cleaner has gum or other sticky substance on it, that can give you a sense that the machine is dragging.  Clean off the goop and resume normal operation.

Burning Smell. If the vacuum cleaner has a burnt rubber smell, it may be coming from the belt. Check the brushroller for obstructions and clear away any hair or carpet fibers. If the brushroller spins freely with the belt removed, reinstall the belt and test for proper operation.

Sometimes, just knowing a little more about your vacuum than you did yesterday can save you a lot of time and money.  If you can pinpoint some of your vacuum cleaner’s troubles yourself, you may be able to figure out how to get it running right again.

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