How to Repair Cracked Stucco

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Stucco is an attractive and low-maintenance exterior finish material that’s been used since ancient times. While long lasting, it can crack over time as your home settles, especially around wooden windows and doors. These openings can widen with time, which can lead to costly moisture damage. Fixing them on your own as they occur will keep your home looking good and ensure your stucco will last for years to come. Here’s what you’ll need for this inexpensive, intermediate-level DIY project:


    • Hammer
    • ½” Cold Chisel
    • Wire Brush
    • 1 to 3” Putty Knife
    • Whiskbroom
    • Tuck Pointing Trowel
    • Flat Trowel
    • Large Textured Sponge
    • Paint Roller
    • Paint Tray


    • Stucco Patch
    • Primer
    • Paint

When taking on this DIY task, be sure to equip yourself with the proper safety gear. 


Widen the crack. Use a hammer and a half-inch cold chisel to widen all areas of the damaged stucco to at least one-fourth of an inch. Repairing stucco is a dusty job, so be sure to equip yourself with eye protection, a dust mask, and gloves before you begin.


Undercut the bottom of the crack. As you work, tip your chisel to cut out the bottom of the crack. The goal is to make the base of the opening wider than the top, so it resembles an inverted V. Once filled with stucco patch, this opening will solidly lock the patch behind the old stucco.


Remove loose debris. Remove any loose stucco remaining in the crack with a wire brush or shop vac.


Apply shallow layers of stucco patch. Scoop some stucco patch onto a flat trowel, then apply the patch into the cracked area with a tuck and point trowel. For larger cracks, you’ll need to apply the patch in layers. If you’re filling a larger crack, check manufacturer instructions for dry times between layers, making sure to brush away any excess.


Texture the final layer. Apply the final layer with a damp, textured sponge to help blend the patch with the surrounding stucco. Let the area set per manufacturer instructions, then use a broom to add more texture, feathering the edges as you go.


Prime and paint the repair. Allow the patch to cure for two or three days, then prime and paint as needed.

Your repair is complete!

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