How to Clean Your House in Under Two Hours

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Not everyone today has the time or support to tackle a major day-long housekeeping, but the main tasks can be accomplished in less than two hours.

1. The Bedroom: 30 minutes – To make sure you don’t miss anything, clean from top to bottom and left to right. Use old socks as mitts for dusting difficult woodwork or blinds, then throw them out. Wash what you can with mild soapy water instead of dusting. Dust and dirt don’t cling as easily to clean surfaces. Wash bed linens with a stain remover to boost your detergent’s washing power. This will also brighten whites and colors without damaging the fabric. Also, wash comforters and curtains at least twice a year to get rid of dust mites and to remove odors. Lastly, vacuum and then air the room out while you clean the bathroom and kitchen.

2. The Bathroom: 45 minutes – First, organize your toiletries and other items. Toss tubes and bottles that are almost empty, as they only mean clutter. Once the toiletries are neat and orderly, tackle the tub and sink. Hard-water stains, soap scum and mineral deposits build up quickly, so spring cleaning is an ideal time to polish them. There are grout and tile restorers that will work instantly without toxic fumes to remove buildup. Be sure to rinse with water after use. Wash floor and call this housekeeping chore finished.

3. The Kitchen: 30 minutes – Water spots on stainless steel sinks and appliances can be removed with rubbing alcohol. Carefully vacuum the front of the coils on the refrigerator to get rid of dust and dirt, and replace baking soda box inside the refrigerator if older than one month. For countertops with set-in, greasy stains, use an oil-based all-purpose cleaner and let it sit for a few minutes to break down the stain. There are also natural cleaners if you prefer to clean without harsh chemicals. Vacuum up crumbs and dust, wash floor and feel good about what you have accomplished in your housekeeping quest!

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