Cleaning a Deck

If your existing wood deck is looking a little tired, use this cleaning recipe to clean your wood deck:

  • Using a 5-gallon bucket, mix 3 quarts of water, 1 quart of bleach and half a cup of detergent (NOTE: be sure the detergent does not contain ammonia, as mixing ammonia and bleach can form a dangerous gas).
  • Mix the solution in the bucket, and then apply to the deck using a stiff floor brush. Let the mixture sit for a few minutes and then rinse thoroughly.
  • When planning your deck cleaning project, try and work in the cooler conditions of the early morning or late afternoon. Cleaning a hot deck is more difficult as the mixture may dry before it has time to work.

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  1. Question: we have a natural wood deck, but this spring we painted it all white with latex paint. First, we used a white primer. Now after a terrible snow-filled winter, the snow shovel has damaged areas of the paint. Is there some kind of sealer that we should have used? Will this require that we paint it each year forever after?
    Is there another way to fix it so it will not need eternal re-do?
    Is there another deck surface material to put on top instead?

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