Best Diy Toolbox

Every toolbox needs what we like to call the dirty dozen – twelve must have tools.  Here’s the rundown: A cordless drill, a hammer, an angle square for marking or checking corners, a multi-head screwdriver, a pry bar, a utility knife, a 25-foot tape measure, an adjustable wrench, a chalk line, a circular saw and a level. Have them handy in your toolbox and you’ll be good to go with just about any project you have on tap.

Here are some quick tricks if you’re in a home improvement hard-place:

•A dollar bill is 6 inches long, you can use it in a pinch to measure.
•Use a rubber pencil eraser if you lose a glue cap.
•Toothpaste can be used to spackle in a pinch.
•Put masking tape on the side of measuring tape for an easy, portable place to record measurements as you go.

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