Choosing a Front Door That Makes the Perfect First Impression

When choosing a front door, which familiar scene comes to mind? The hustle and bustle surrounding 10 Downing Street in England? The dramatic doorway where Rhett walked out on Scarlett at the end of Gone With the Wind? What about a trip down TV’s memory lane and the entries of The Brady Bunch, Huxtable or Munster home?  Or, maybe it’s simply a front door made famous by the many family photos you’ve taken in front of it.

Whether in real life or fiction, the front door has long been the focal point that connects the occupants of a home with their personal style. Choosing a front door is crucial in that it really sets the stage for a home. The right entry door should make a welcoming statement and reflect the personalities of the home’s occupants.

In today’s marketplace, there are many ways homeowners can select and customize a front door to reflect their personalities. A variety of door styles and designs, decorative glass for doorlites, sidelites and transoms, and low-maintenance trim products are all available to complete the overall impact of a front entryway.

When choosing a front door, start with a low-maintenance fiberglass version. With a fiberglass door you get a door that won’t rot, warp, twist or bow like wood or dent or rust out like steel. Therma-Tru® fiberglass doors offer both weather resistance and security to provide homeowners with years of worry-free performance. They also offer four times the energy efficiency of traditional wood doors. Match up those features with the added curb appeal and value you get when replacing an old door with a fiberglass door and you’ve just made a smart investment in your home.

To personalize traditional front doors, Therma-Tru offers the Classic-Craft® Canvas Collection™. The smooth surface of the door features rich embossment details and wide center panels. The paintable door surface allows homeowners to choose any color they like to enhance the exterior of their home. And, for those homeowners looking to make a personal style statement, there are a wide variety of decorative glass inserts that can be ordered for the doors and sidelites.

Selecting a glass package with colored or privacy glass that uniquely reflects your home’s style and marrying it up with a beautifully-painted door is a great way to make your front door famous.  The wide variety of decorative glass options available for doors and sidelites can enrich your home’s overall exterior while adding a touch of beauty to the interior of the home too.

As a final way to enhance the front entryway surround the door with Fypon® urethane pilasters, crossheads and pediments. These easy-to-install pieces are the icing-on-the-cake for a front door.  They come as one-piece decorative items that are richly-detailed to highlight the door it surrounds.

In addition to being extremely durable, these pieces resist humidity, insects and rotting. They can be stained or painted to truly add the extra step in elegance when creating a new entryway for a home.

The use of low-maintenance Fypon millwork and Therma-Tru fiberglass doors on an entryway create a winning combination.  These products can handle all types of weather.  Whether it’s the Classic-Craft Canvas Collection or any of the other sturdy fiberglass doors manufactured by Therma-Tru, you’re gaining a superior product that delivers style, security and peace-of-mind in your home.

Check out the extensive collection of fiberglass front doors and decorative glass packages available from Therma-Tru. And, to see how a new front door would look on your home, go to the Therma-Tru “My Saved Doors” online tool. Log on to Fyon’s official website for additional information on the brand’s urethane products.

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