Gap Between Door Casing and Floor? Easy Way to Close

  • Transcript

    LESLIE: Mike in Arkansas is on the line with a question about a gap between door casing and floor. What can we do for you?

    MIKE: OK. Yes, I decided to replace my carpet and ceramic tile throughout the house, with the exception of the bedrooms. Now, my – I went with luxury-vinyl plank. Now my – the bottoms of my door casings, I have about anywhere from a ¼-inch to almost an inch gap, especially the areas that I had to use backer board for the ceramic tile. So, how can I close that gap and make it look good?

    TOM: So, the trim, there’s a gap between the bottom of the trim and the top of the floor?

    MIKE: Yes.

    TOM: OK. There’s a type of accent piece for trim. It’s called a “plith block” – p-l-i-t-h. Plith block. And it’s kind of like a square block that you can put at the bottom of the casing and it’s a little bit wider than the casing. And it looks – if you do it right, it looks like it always was supposed to be there. It would close the gap between door casing and floor.

    You know what I mean, Leslie?

    LESLIE: Oh, yeah. They’re really made to look like they were intentional, if you will.

    MIKE: And it’s called a “plith block.” A plith …

    TOM: Plith – p-l-i-t-h. Yeah, plith block.

    MIKE: OK. OK.

    TOM: Yeah. I think that’ll solve that gap between door casing and floor for you.

    LESLIE: Yeah. Sometimes they’re called “rosettes.”

    MIKE: Alright. I will give that a try. Thank you so much.

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