Window and Door Tips for Humid Climates

Summer is great for so many reasons from the beach to the barbeques, but one thing that is most bothersome about the summer is humidity.  Not only can it make you feel very uncomfortable it can also wreak havoc on your homes windows and doors.  The excess moisture causes the wood to swell and expand and can make the operation of the entries a bit sticky.

Check and make sure the all doors are operating smoothly.  Tighten any screws on the hinges and hardware that may have come loose.  Lubricate the hinges with WD-40; even place some on the key to help the lock work better.  Double check weather stripping and replace any damaged pieces to keep that valuable cool air indoors.

For the windows around the house clean any dirt and debris you see on the sill, tracks, and hinges.  Since you likely have the windows open this time of year double check that screens are secure and add child safety bars if you have young children. Remember, screens are meant to keep bugs out, not kids in.  Check and tighten any loose screws on the hardware.  Remember that windows treatments can go along way on helping keep a house cool, keep the drapes closed on the south and west facing sides of the house to stop the sun from even getting inside

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