When is It Time to Replace Your Windows?

It’s not that hard to know when it is time to replace your windows, if you know what to look for.  A few questions to ask yourself are: Are your old wooden frames so swollen that your windows won’t open? Are your heating and cooling bills growing every year? If you answered yes to any of those questions, it’s time for a self-test to determine if it is time to replace your windows.  Every product in your home has a lifespan. For windows, a good time to start assessing their condition is after about 10 years “on the job”. At the 15-year mark, it’s time to seriously determine if your windows are still doing their job.

The experts at Simonton Windows® created the following tips to determine if your windows should be replaced:
  • Determine how many panes of glass are in your windows. Single-paned windows are the least energy efficient, and can cause your energy bills to soar. Replace these inefficient windows with double- or highly-efficient triple-paned ENERGY STAR® qualified windows to enhance energy savings and make a home more comfortable during all seasons.  
  • Look for condensation appearing inside the glass on double- or triple-paned windows. This could indicate seal failure. If this is the case, you might need to replace the glass or the entire window.
  • Do your windows open and close easily? If your windows are hard to open or close—or they won’t stay open or locked—this could be a sign that the windows need replacing.
  • Does it seem especially noisy in your house? If you live near an airport or busy street, consider replacing your windows with laminated glass or double-paned windows to help reduce noise transmission into your home.
If you need a reason to push your decision over the edge, just take a look at the calendar. There are some great incentives on purchasing energy-efficient replacement windows that expire at the end of 2010. In addition to the Federal Energy Tax Credit, tor example, when you buy 12 or more qualified Simonton windows with their Energy Tax Credit (ETC) glass package, you can get up to $150 toward preparation of your 2010 personal income tax return with H&R Block®.
Simonton’s ETC windows are guaranteed to qualify for the Federal Energy Tax Credit, so homeowners can qualify for up to $1,500 in federal energy tax credit savings in 2010. However, come January 1st, 2011 the savings disappear. And if you ARE playing beat the clock, Simonton’s hallmark has been to deliver its made-to-order products in five days or less.
Homeowners and builders alike are very satisfied with Simonton Windows. The company was ranked “Highest in Builder and Remodeler Satisfaction among Residential Window and Patio Door Manufacturers” in the J.D. Power and Associates 2010Builder and Remodeler Residential Window and Patio Door Satisfaction StudySM. The company also ranked “Highest in Customer Satisfaction among Residential Window and Patio Door Manufacturers”.
For information, call (800) SIMONTON (1-800-746-6686) or visit www.simonton.com.

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